Never Give Up except when You Need to Surrender


I read a quote today that I want to tear to pieces. This is nothing personal and it actually seems like this quote is really positive, inspirational and like so many out there, says some really good stuff. I love being with instinct and my authentic self and growing every day – but I think… Continue Reading »

Power of Three


Part 2. Have you read Part 1 Sometimes people start working with me and they get to the threshold of that polarity map of good and bad, that map of two and they don’t know what will happen next and the fear of the unknown, not being in control beyond those familiar swinging polarities becomes… Continue Reading »

Judgement and Moderation


This blog is in response to an article I posted on my Facebook page a few days ago that I loved but I was disappointed in one aspect in it that to me was like a bad apple in a box of good apples – it can spread decay through what is good.  So here… Continue Reading »

Fame, Fortune or Power?


What do You want? Many men and women want to be famous. Why? Is it to feel special. Have fun. Popularity. Liked. Valued for something you do. Recognition. To get lots of money! Love and attention. To feel Somebody not Nobody. What else? Maybe because when you are famous you feel like you can have… Continue Reading »

Have you been tricked?


I just read Michelle Bridge’s article that exercise should not be fun. If my exercise was not fun I do not think I could sustain it. My workouts are hard, fun and satisfying. How much training to do per day or per week is going to vary for everyone with their weight, health, energy, lifestyle,… Continue Reading »

Superficial or Superbly Special?


I have a theory… tell me what you think… put aside the recognition that society and media really want women to be focussed on how they look because they can sell lots of stuff to us: hair, body, makeup, clothes and so on. I don’t think women wanting good skin, to look sexy and lean,… Continue Reading »



What if you woke up this morning and were awake in your dream life. What would you be feeling about yourself? Forget about all the money, travel and that gorgeous guy there beside you that would be part of that dream. How would you really feel about yourself? Is that question difficult to answer? Can… Continue Reading »


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